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General Questions

Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to
help you navigate and use Roducate effectively.

We hope these answers will provide the information you need to
make the most of your experience. If you have any additional
questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can Roducate be used on both Android and Apple devices?

Yes, Roducate can be used on both Android and Apple devices. The Roducate app is available for download on both the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices. Users can access the same features and content on both platforms, making it easy to use Roducate regardless of the type of device they have. It's important to note that the minimum operating system requirements may vary depending on the device, so users should ensure that their device meets the minimum requirements before downloading the app.

What is special about the Roducate Devices?

Roducate devices offer a safe and controlled learning environment for children, with full parental control over external downloads and websites. They come with pre-installed Roducate Apps and content, designed to support children's learning and development.
The devices are durable, user-friendly, and have child-friendly interfaces. They are an excellent choice for parents looking for an educational support for growing children

How is the content on Roducate created?

The content on Roducate is created by a team of educational experts who are knowledgeable about the West African curriculum and examination system.
The team include subject matter experts, instructional designers, content writers, and educators who work together to create high-quality educational materials that are aligned with the West African curriculum and prepare students for exams.
The content may be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date.

Payment Questions

What are the payment methods and plans on Roducate?

Roducate offers multiple payment options, including debit/credit card payments and bank transfers. Users are given flexible payment plans such as monthly, bi-annually and yearly.
An additional flexibility is available for users to pay for individual modules. Refer to the pricing page: Pricing

Do you need to pay additional charges when you use specific payment methods?

No, We do not charge any additional fees for using any of the available payment options. However, it is important to note that your bank or mobile money service provider may charge transaction fees for making payments, and these fees are determined by them.
We advise that you confirm any additional fees with your bank or mobile money service provider before making a payment on Roducate.

Can you get refunds on multiple payments on Roducate?

If you have made multiple payments for a course or service and would like to request a refund, you should contact our support team for assistance. They guide you through the process.
Contact Support: Contact Us

Technical Requirment

Is it possible to use Roducate mobile app offline?

No, Roducate mobile app requires an active internet connection to access all its features.

What are the minimum device requirements to use Roducate?

To run Roducate mobile app, you need a device running on Android version 5.0 and above or iOS version 12.0 and above. Your device must have an active internet connection to access the app's features.

Can I access Roducate on my Laptop or Tablet?

Yes, you can access Roducate Learning App on your tablet and personal computers via a browser or directly from the app store. The Roducate app is optimised for both mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Do you have more questions?

Send us a message and our support team will be happy to help